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Environmental/Ethical Queries

Are any of your products plant-based?
There are some plant-based ingredients in Biofreeze, but the product itself is not plant-based.
Are your products vegetarian?
Yes Biofreeze is vegetarian friendly – no animal products are used in the ingredients. Biofreeze does not use animal testing either.
Are your products vegan?
We do not use any products derived from animals. Biofreeze as vegan, however have not submitted for any certification to this end.
Are your products tested on animals?
Biofreeze does not use animal testing.
Do any of your products contain micro-beads?
Do you have studies on the long term use of Biofreeze?
Biofreeze is a topical pain relief product, not a cure for an underlying condition. It provides temporary pain relief; there are no studies on the long-term use of Biofreeze. If you have any questions regarding the product or its use, please consult your healthcare professional. If your condition worsens or symptoms persist for more than 7 days, consult a doctor.

Product Complaints/Questions

What is cryotherapy?
Also known as ‘cold therapy,’ cryotherapy is the application of cold to temporarily relief pain. The most common form of cryotherapy is ice. Biofreeze produces the same sensation of cold that accompanies icing, but without the pain and numbness sometimes associated with ice. Best of all, Biofreeze products allow you to remain active during treatment.
What's the difference between Biofreeze and just using ice?

ICE is a cold therapy solution. Used for acute pain or a new swollen and inflamed injury which are developed after exericse for instant. Cold relief reduces blood flow to the affacted are to ease swelling and minimise damage to soft tissue. Biofreeze is like ICE however the benefits are:

  • Nearly twice as powerful in relieving pain
  • Substantially more comfortable and convenient
  • Longer-lasting in 9 out of 10 patients
  • Generally preferred

Without the side effect of ICE which can be:

  • Stiffness, decreased ROM (range of motion)
  • Temporary pain and numbness
  • Decreased motor performance
  • Prolonged vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels)
  • Skin irritation
  • Risk of frostbite and nerve injury
Is pain relief gel really better than oral pain relief?

Oral pain relief products are available over-the-counter or by prescription. More and more, people and professionals alike are considering topical analgesics like Biofreeze over oral options, because topical cold therapy pain relief products:

  • Offer non-addictive, targeted relief at the point of pain
  • Have minimal levels of systemic absorption, meaning a lower risk of systemic toxicity (overdose) or drug interaction
  • Are available without a prescription
How do you use/apply Biofreeze?
Apply Biofreeze Pain Relief products to the affected area not more than 4 times daily; massage not necessary, but can be soothing to the affected area.
How often can I use Biofreeze?
Biofreeze can be used up to four times a day.
Is Biofreeze commonly used?
Yes, Biofreeze is the US #1 used and recommended topical pain relief product by chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, podiatrists and athletic trainers In the United States.
Do Biofreeze products have an expiry date?
Different Biofreeze products have different shelf lives ranging from 2-3 years. The expiration date can be located on your Biofreeze packaging (on the top part of the crimple)
Can children use Biofreeze?
Biofreeze Gel and Roll-on can be used on children ages 2 years and older. Biofreeze Spray can be used on children ages 12 years and older. If you have any questions about using Biofreeze on your children, check with your local professional healthcare / general practitioners before use.
Can Biofreeze be used on all skin types (sensitive, dry etc)?
Biofreeze can be used on all skin types however our recommendation is to apply on a small area first.
Can I use your products if I'm pregnant?
Biofreeze has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. Ask your healthcare professional prior to use.
Can I use a heating pad while also using Biofreeze?
No, you should never use a heating pad while using Biofreeze. Biofreeze works by causing a cooling effect, not heat. By using a heating pad in conjunction with Biofreeze, you may cause serious injury to yourself. You may not be able to tell how hot the heating pad is on the problem area, even possibly causing yourself to experience severe blistering.
Can I use Biofreeze if I have diabetes?
Generally speaking, Biofreeze is safe to use in patients with diabetes. However, we advise that you consult with your healthcare professional before use.
Can I use Biofreeze on an open wound or stitches?
No, do not apply to wounds or damaged skin.
Can I use Biofreeze on burns?
Biofreeze is not intended for these uses. Please refer to label for proper usage indication.
Can I use Biofreeze on insect bites?
Biofreeze is not intended for these uses. Please refer to label for proper usage indication.
Will Biofreeze work on headaches?
Biofreeze is not intended for this use.
Can I use Biofreeze to cool sunburn pain, in a tanning bed or sauna?
Biofreeze is not intended for these uses. Please refer to label for proper usage indication.
Can I wrap the area where I have used Biofreeze?
No. You should not wrap or bandage the area where Biofreeze is being applied.
Can I take Biofreeze on an aeroplane?
Yes, you can take the 59 ml Roll-On, 89ml Roll-on, 30 ml tube, 59 ml tube, 3ml packet and 5ml sample packet on an airplane, depending on the restrictions of your carrier.
Will Biofreeze cause any adverse effects if I am taking other medications?
Biofreeze is only a topical pain relief and has a low potential for absorption. We do suggest that you always check with your healthcare professional before using Biofreeze.
Are there any harsh chemicals or ingredients in your products?
There are no harsh chemicals in Biofreeze. Biofreeze has been through various skin safety studies and has been proven to be mild.
What are the active ingredients in Biofreeze?
The active ingredient in Biofreeze is Alcohol.
Is there capsaicin in Biofreeze?
Does Biofreeze contain gluten, starch or nut derivatives?
Is there aspirin in Biofreeze?
No, Biofreeze does not contain any NSAID's.
Is the perfume in your products synthetic?
There is no perfume in Biofreeze. The scent comes only from the menthol and the alcohol primarily.
I accidentally got Biofreeze in my eye, what do I do?
Rinse your eye with cool (not cold) water or take a cool shower with the shower water hitting your forehead and running down through your eyes. Do this for 15 minutes. If problem persists, see a doctor and be sure to take your Biofreeze with you.
Your products have given me a rash/burn/stinging sensation. What can I do?
Take a cool to lukewarm bath. Relax for at least 20 minutes. If rash persists, contact your doctor.

Finding Biofreeze

Do I need a prescription to get Biofreeze?
No you do not need a prescription to use Biofreeze.
What types of Biofreeze formats are available?

Biofreeze comes into different formats:

  • The Gel Tube is particularly well suited for hands-on massage applications of larger muscle areas.
  • The Roll-On is a hands-free application with the added benefit of the roller ball that can provide a gentle massage.
  • The Biofreeze Spray is hands-free application designed for hard to reach areas and is particularly beneficial for conditions involving minor neck and back pain.

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